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London2Brighton Challenge

Well done and thanks to all

A bit late, but congratulations and many thanks for all of those brave people who took part in the London2Brighton Challenge. Rose Atherton, Mandy Burneat, Jo Carden, Emma, Lopez, Ben Ranger (Sorry Ben, we have no photo of you!) and Dawn Thorpe. The weather was scorching and we sadly lost Rose at about 40k due to heat exhaustion, she battled on for 13k but had to pull out to receive medical attention. We lost Mandy at 77k due to severe blisters and shin splints, she too battled for at least 20k, determined to finish but once again had to retire for medical help. Everyone else crossed the finish line in good health. Well done to all. Thanks and remember, if you or anyone you know would like to do this challenge for us next year, get in touch.

Spring has sprung at Speak Out East

We have had a lot of fun at Speak Out East this spring!

June taught our volunteers to knit, we enjoyed a local history session and MIND visited with their puzzle piece art project.

There was also a lot of cake!

We will be playing bingo this Thursday , so do join us.

Thursday 11am – 1pm St George’s café, st George’s Church, St George,s Road, Kemptown

BHIG Group will be going to the Compass Fringe event: Brighton Rocks/ Power Sucks

Hannah, Rohan and Kevin to lead discussion on accessible demorcracy

The BHIG group have been asked to lead a discussion at Brighton Rocks/ Power Sucks:

'Inspired by the new democratic movements at home and abroad, from 'flat-pack democracy' in Frome to Podemos in Spain, this is a day of creative engagement aiming to develop a vision on how democracy can be extended, enriched and made fit for purpose in 21st century Brighton & Hove. Featuring a range of national and local speakers and community groups from the world of politics and beyond, this is your chance to participate in and influence the debate on the nature and role of local government.'

We are really looking forward to this event, please join us.  You can buy your tickets here

People with learning disabilities want more information about cancer

Speak Out have talked to 38 people with learning disabilities to ask them what they know about cancer and cancer screening.

Lots of people told us they want to know more about cancer and how to be healthy. We are telling health and social care services how they can do this. If you would like to know more you can download our report: 

Well done and thanks to all our Brighton 10k and Marathon runners!

Well done everyone.  Another great day at Brighton Marathon.  You are all fantastic.  Much thanks from all of the Speak Out team.

Speak Out launch new training for Health Services

Speak Out have made some short films about the experiences people with learning disabilities have in health services.

The films are being used to train health professionals in good support.

You can watch the films by clicking here