Relationships Open Advocacy Meeting

Speak Out hosted another of our open advocacy meetings on Friday 8th March, with 23 people with learning disabilities in attendance.

This time the theme was relationships and we spoke about friendships and romantic relationships. People learned about what makes a healthy relationship and how to know when a relationship is toxic. We also had some great discussions about dating and how to meet new people. In the afternoon, we had a workshop that focussed on LGBTQ+ relationships and some of the difficulties LGBTQ+ people have faced whilst fighting for their rights!

A relationship therapist came to the meeting and answered questions people had about relationships and things that were happening in their own lives. Everyone really enjoyed this and found it very helpful.

You can read the full report of the meeting here: Relationships Open Advocacy Meeting Report

Our next open advocacy meeting will be on Friday 21st June 2024 and we will be talking about the general election and housing. We hope to see you there!