The reports in this section have been written to summarise issues for people with learning disabilities. Speak Out staff have written them for services to understand issues that people face. They are not in Easy Read.


Learning Disability Strategy

Priorities for people with Learning Disabilities.

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Relationships Report

This report explores the factors that stand in the way of people with learning disabilities having relationships.

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Mental Health Report

Mental health is a subject that people with learning disabilities are most keen to address. The purpose of this report was to identify the key issues that people with learning disabilities say affect their health, well-being and quality of life.

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Advocacy Report

Countability -We took part on the Count-ability Research conducted by The Fed. The research was to find  out issues that all disabled people face living in Brighton and Hove.

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Report on what people with learning disabilities say about day activities and accessing community services

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Report on issues that advocates have identified for people with complex needs

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Report on issues around health services people with learning disabilities have talked about


'Advocacy for a Change'

Read our new research article that shows how Brighton and Hove Speak Out is effectively and imaginatively supporting people with learning disabilities. 'Advocacy for a Change' - Best Practice Paper is an independent piece of research that describes how we support people to achieve positive changes for themselves and for their community.