We have a number of tools that might help you work with people with learning disabilities. You can download these from this page.

building a picture of my life

Build a Picture of My Life

We created this tool to help people look at different areas of their lives and help people to think about what they want to do with their life. It is a workbook that can be gone through with the person at their own pace to build a good picture of their wishes

Build a picture


Making information Accessible

We have worked with groups to find out from them what they need to make information as accessible as possible. This has been compiled in an easy to read document called ‘Making Information Accessible’

Making info accessible

At the drop in you can see an advocate for one to one support with an issue or to get information

Getting good support

Groups have talked a lot about what makes good support for people with learning disabilities. We have pulled this information together into one document to enable services to understand how to support people with learning disabilities better called ‘Getting Good Support’.

Getting good support