Themed Stories

During the interviews people shared their experience of life in lockdown. There were themes of isolation and mental health challenges and also support, friendship and creative ways of coping.

We have made a series of short themed films. You can watch them here:

Covid Stories about Feelings

Everyone had different feelings during Covid, find out how we felt.

Covid Stories about Getting Online

Zoom was a lifeline for some, but for others there wasn’t enough support to get online

Covid Stories about Going Out Again

When lockdown ended people had mixed feeling about going out again

Covid Stories about Ground Hog Day

Every day felt the same during lockdown. It was repetitive and boring for many.

Covid Stories about Hospital

Going into hospital, or having a loved-one in hospital was confusing and scary

Covid Stories about Learning New Things

Some people used lockdown to learn new skills like cooking or film editing

Covid Stories about Loneliness

Lots of people felt lonely and isolated during lockdown

Covid Stories about Resilience

People came up with lots of ways to cope during Covid

Covid Stories about What Helped

Lots of things helped get people through Covid, like chatting on the phone or going for walks

Covid Stories that Took Our Breath Away

There were some stories that simply took our breath away.