One to one Advocacy

Advocacy is……

Speak Out provides different kinds of one to one advocacy support

an issues advovate

1:1 Advocacy

An issue advocate gives support to someone when they need help with a particular problem.

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Drop-In Advocacy

At our Drop-In you can get immediate short term support from an advocate to deal with a problem

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Transitions Advocacy

A transitions advocate gives support around moving into more independent accommodation.

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Citizen Advocacy

A volunteer advocate gives long term support to someone who needs help to speak up for themselves.

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Care Act Advocacy

Some people are entitled to have an advocate under the Care Act law. Speak Out can provide this advocacy.

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Parents Advocacy

We provide advocacy for parents involved in Child Protection proceedings

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Sussex Advocacy Partnership

Our 1-1 Advocacy services are delivered as part of the Sussex Advocacy Partnership. The Sussex Advocacy Partnership brings together specialist advocacy providers to deliver an integrated advocacy service across Brighton and Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex.

As part of this new partnership, Speak Out will continue to provide Issue Advocacy, Citizen Advocacy, Drop-in Advocacy, Care Act Advocacy services in Brighton and Hove.

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