More about Advocacy

an advocateAdvocacy is taking action to help you say what you want to say, secure your rights, make your views and wishes heard, and support you to obtain the services that you need.
Our Advocacy services work in partnership with you and takes your side. Our advocates can help to ensure that you have all the information you need and to make sure you understand information which is given to you, so that you can make decisions about the things that affect you.



What your advocate can do:

  • Will work with you and act on your behalf
  • Talk with you to find out what you think and what you want
  • Help you to access other support services
  • Provide relevant information to help you consider your options
  • Help you to ask for changes to your care or treatment
  • Support you to prepare for meetings or appointments
  • Help you to tell people what you want or need

What your advocate will not do:

  • Give you advice or tell you what they think you should do
  • Talk to people about you without your permission
  • Make decisions about you on your behalf or about what they think is in your best interests
  • Withhold information about you
  • Speak for you unless you ask them to

Our advocacy services are funded. We do not charge you for advocacy – it is free.

We do not advise or make decisions for you. We can support you with what is important to you, so you do not have to try and please other people or groups.

All our advocates are trained and paid advocates hold a recognised national certificate in advocacy.

We do not share information without your permission.  You can speak freely to an advocate.