Transitions Advocacy

We provide transitions advocacy to support and represent the views of those who are aged 17 + and moving, or planning to move to more independent living in the community.

We also provide transitions advocacy to adults moving from a family home or supported accommodation into more independent living.

A transitions advocate supports individuals to:

  • Understand their housing options
  • Be involved in decisions made about their lives
  • Have their voice heard by professionals and carers
  • Access support services and build support networks
  • Build self-confidence and advocacy skills

Find out more

 phone us on 01273 421921

You can download our advocacy referral form and return the completed form by email.

Please download the referral form you need and SAVE it before filling it in.

Advocacy Referral Form

Please email the form back to

[email protected]

Or you can download and print out our self-referral form and post this back to us.

Self Referral Form

The address to post the completed form to is:

Speak Out, Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YD