Film - Shannon talks about disability awareness training and promoting the Thumbs up scheme

Hannah talks about BHIG group

2 new films are made about Speak Out and the experience of people with learning disabilities

In 2017 the following events took place

LDVN Stall Chloe Roger and Rohan Stall

The Being Heard in Government (BHIG) group campaigns during the General Election for democratic rights for people with learning disabilities

Partnership Board 2016 (2)

8 self-advocacy groups are now supported, some themed – young people older peoples group, and new LGBTQ group

Rohan and Mayor Pete West

The Thumbs Up campaign is renewed and Thumbs up for Health services developed

Speak Out East 2016

Events – Disability Pride, Sponsored walk, Advocacy Partnership conference, AGM at the Komedia, Open house exhibition.

Gallery of some of our favourite pictures from 2017

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