Non-Instructed Advocacy Training

At the end of volunteer week on June 7th, in conjunction with SEAP, Speak Out will be delivering Non-Instructed Advocacy training  for Volunteer Advocates. 

Non-instructed advocacy is a process used when a person may be unable to communicate their wishes or views in a conventional way or they might be able to articulate what they think or feel about a situation but be unable to inform the advocate of the exact actions they would like them to take.

The non-instructed advocate seeks to ensure a person’s wishes, views and beliefs are represented and ensures their rights are secured if the person lacks the ability to instruct the advocate.  We are delighted that all our volunteers who are able to attend this training event having taken this opportunity to further develop their advocacy skill set.

The training will:

  • Give a clear understanding of what we mean by Non Instructed Advocacy
  • Explore how we advocate for someone unable to express their wishes in a way we understand
  • Examine the four different approaches to non-instructed advocacy and how and when to use them
  • Provide advocates with a working knowledge of The Mental Capacity Act

We look forward to an informative and insightful day.