Sarah’s tribute to Ingrid


I knew Ingrid for a long time through Speak Out.

We worked together on how to make accessible training good and how to make it better. One time I was writing on the board, writing down what people in the training group said. I liked doing that because it helped me to understand them and helped with my writing. One guy said that he wanted to write on the board and Ingrid said no, Sarah wants to do it.Ingrid understood my needs.
She talked to health professional about making their service more accessible for me.
I had a hard time when I found out about my long term condition. Ingrid explained to me about my health condition. She helped me to understand what I could eat and what I couldn’t eat.
She helped me when I was upset.
She got me to try new foods that I didn’t think I’d eat. Susan Street didn’t like them – Goats cheese, Rye bread, Tin mushroom pate in squeezy tube, Rocket, Alf alfa sprouts.
She did the lunch club. I learnt a lot from the Lunch Club like not being scared of cooking food, not burning things and not being messy. Making food fun.
When I drew this it was the hardest drawing I have ever done because it was in memory of Ingrid. It was difficult cos I was trying to not get too upset but trying to make it good. Liz Hall told me that purple and green were her favorite colours. This picture was a little token to put on the wall in the Speak Out drop-in to remind us of Ingrid.
She was funny.
She was jolly.
She was very calming.
She was very supportive
She was very easy to speak to. I wasn’t being judged.
I really liked her.
When we have our first dance tonight – let’s make it for Ingrid. Needs to be colourful and bright.