Carole’s story – being a parent

mother and babyCarole is a single mum with mild learning disabilities.  She lives independently with her two young children and has no direct support from adult social care. Carole is devoted to her children and was devastated when they were placed on the child protection register.

Carole was referred to Speak Out by the children’s Social Worker who felt that she needed someone on her side to help her understand what was happening.

Carole’s advocate helped her to read complex reports from social services and understand what social workers were asking her to do to keep her children safe. The advocate also helped her prepare for and take part in difficult child protection meetings, so decisions about her children were not being taken without her involvement in the process.  Carole commented on the support from her advocate;

‘I felt lost like I didn’t know what was going on, and so angry. My advocate helped me understand things and tell them what I wanted. It was absolutely brilliant having someone on my side at last. It helped me feel more confident about speaking up for myself’’.

The children are now off the child protection register and the family remain together.  Carole feels back in control of her life and more able to protect her children as she now understands what is required to keep them safe. She has a better relationship with the children’s social work team and they have a better understanding of her and the needs of her family.