Speak Out’s Christmas Appeal – 13th Day of Christmas


A Merry Christmas – and an inclusive new year!


‘I had no one I could talk to.  It made me feel awful.’

Many people with learning disabilities tell us that no one speaks to them about sexuality and they have little support to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Brighton and Hove Speak Out’s Talking Rainbows Group provides a much-needed safe space for people who identify as LGBTQI to come together and talk about things.  Being in a group of other LGBTQI people, being more visible in the community and accessing LGBTQI community spaces helps people feel less isolated and more included, often for the first time.

Help us support more learning disabled people in finding out who they are in 2020.

Donate just £13 today or £1 (or more if you’d like to) for every day of Advent to help us support people with learning disabilities to have their voice heard.


Thank you