Speak Out’s Christmas Appeal – 14th Day of Christmas


Young, learning-disabled people at risk of isolation.



Friendships are important to all of us, especially at Christmas, but people with a learning disability tend to have fewer friends and fewer opportunities to socialise than the general population. This problem is worse for young people with a learning disability - 85% of young disabled adults aged between 18-34 say they feel lonely.

To help combat this problem Brighton and Hove Speak Out runs a young people’s group, in partnership with Amaze , to give them a safe space to talk about the things happening in their lives, to meet new people and to find out about support available in their area.

Speak Out’s Transitions Project works with local colleges to support young people with a learning disability to build relationships and understand their options for the future. We provide accessible information about activities and social events in the area that they might be interested in, and the groups provide a space to build friendships with peers.

Help us continue working with young people with learning disabilities by donating to our appeal.

Donate just £14 today or £1 (or more if you’d like to) for every day of Advent to help us support people with learning disabilities to have their voice heard.


Thank you