Speak Out’s Christmas Appeal – 18th Day of Christmas


Feeling at home in your neighbourhood this Christmas?

image 6 may 9th

This is not the case for many people with learning disabilities who do not feel part of their neighbourhood or safe in their local area.

We make sure people with learning disabilities get the support they need to take part in their community.  Speak Out East, our weekly neighbourhood drop-in offers a safe place where people can meet others, join in workshops and get one-to-one, short-term advocacy. The weekly meetings, run by volunteers, help people feel valued and more connected to their neighbourhood – something we can often take for granted.

Support people with learning disabilities to feel safe in their neighbourhood this Christmas.

Donate just £18 today or £1 (or more if you’d like to) for every day of Advent to help us support people with learning disabilities to have their voice heard.


Thank you