Speak Out’s Christmas Appeal – 21st Day of Christmas


Giving the Thumbs up to good health!


Every year more than 1,200 children and adults with a learning disability die before they should. (Learning Disabilities Mortality Review (LeDeR) On average, people with a learning disability die between 15 and 20 years earlier than the average for other people.

A lot of this is to do with the way people with learning disabilities are treated in the UK health care system today.

Brighton and Hove Speak Out’s new campaign, Thumbs Up to Good Health is on a mission to address the health inequalities faced by people with learning disabilities. We’re aiming to get more people with learning disabilities on their GP’s Learning Disability Register, which means they can get an Annual Health Check and any reasonable adjustments they need to access good healthcare.

We’re also training GPs and other healthcare professionals around learning disability awareness – giving them examples of what we go through as learning disabled people.

We’re delighted that learning disability training for health care professionals becomes mandatory next year and want to expand our training role to meet the demand.

Donate to our 25 Appeal to make 2020 a year of good health for people with learning disabilities – and the gateway to a longer life.

Donate just £21 today or £1 (or more if you’d like to) for every day of Advent to help us support people with learning disabilities to have their voice heard.


Thank you