Speak Out’s Christmas Appeal – 2nd Day of Christmas


Give a priceless gift this Christmas – a voice for people with learning disabilities



‘You can join in and speak your mind and not be afraid of what to say. It’s nice to be in a group and tell people your problems. That’s what we come here for’.

As people ask you what you want for Christmas, imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have a say in more important aspects of your life.

When it comes to the important stuff, people with learning disabilities often find it difficult to express their views and get them heard.

Advocacy is a way of making sure people with learning disabilities are involved in decisions about their day to day lives, as well as their futures. It ensures they are listened to, and are heard; from deciding on their treatment and care to the big stuff - such as where to live.

Brighton and Hove Speak Out provides different kinds of advocacy for groups and individuals with learning disabilities to support them in developing the skills and confidence to speak up for themselves and get their voices heard.