Speak Out’s Christmas Appeal – 1st Day of Christmas


Counting down to Christmas?

Make advent count for people with learning disabilities in Brighton and Hove.

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‘I hope that in 2020 more people with learning disabilities are listened to because it’s important to hear what we have to say’

As 2019 draws to a close, Brighton and Hove Speak Out is celebrating its 25th anniversary; 25 years of supporting people with learning disabilities to speak up for their needs, rights and entitlements in our society, and locally in Brighton and Hove. We’ve made a lot of progress but people with learning disabilities continue to feel isolated, marginalised and ignored. No more.

As we approach Christmas; and our 25th anniversary celebration in January 2020, we’re giving you the chance to support people with learning disabilities to live the lives they choose – and 25 reasons why you should.

People with learning disabilities have hopes for the future just like anyone else. Donate just a pound a day during advent to help us support them in achieving these.

Each year, Speak Out works with increasing numbers of people with learning disabilities enabling people to learn, grow and develop. We’ve been around for 25 years but our work is far from finished. We have many exciting plans for the future and would love you to help us realise them by supporting our appeal and future work. Thank you for your generosity.”  

Sarah Pickard –  Director