What is good support and how can advocacy help?

A training course for staff who support or work with people with learning disabilities.

This course introduces a foundation principle that starts with ensuring people have choices, make their own decisions, and get their rights met.

The course looks at the history of learning disability rights and advocacy and analyses advocacy and advocacy principles as a means to demonstrate what ‘good support’ is and how support staff can provide better support to people with learning disabilities.

Learning objectives:
  • Workers who provide support to people with learning disabilities will have improved knowledge, tools, and skills to provide better support.
  • The course will also be an opportunity to assess what ‘good support’ looks like.
Who this course is for?

Ideal for those who work in the Adult Social Care or Health sectors.

This training can be tailored to different requirements. We can tailor it to support or health workers who have regular contact with people with learning disabilities. We can also adapt it for workers or people who have little or no experience of people with learning disabilities.

For bookings or enquiries please get in contact:

  Telephone: 01273 421921

  Email: [email protected]