We are still here for you!

Returning to face to face work in the community.

As that the Covid rates in Brighton and Hove continue to come down we have decided to cautiously start running some groups and drop-ins face to face in the community again.

We will contact members about the plans for different groups and drop-ins and put information about this on our website. Please keep checking our website for details.

Reasonable Adjustments Form

To help people with a learning disability and family carers let GP’s know about the Reasonable Adjustments that will support people to have the Covid-19 Vaccination, Amaze, The Parent and Carer's Council and Brighton & Hove Health Facilitation have developed an Easy Read Reasonable Adjustments Form

At Brighton & Hove Speak Out we have adapted the way we work, so we can continue to be there when you need us. We are offering:
  • Telephone helpline Monday-Friday 9-5pm
  • Advocacy (over the phone, via video calls or face to face)
  • Online support
  • Drop-In session information

Giving people with learning disabilities a voice

Our vision is a world where people with learning disabilities have the same rights, choice and control over their lives as everyone else.

Speak Out has been an independent advocacy charity in Brighton and Hove since 1994. We make sure that people with learning disabilities can speak up and take action about the things that matter to them.

How we can help you

We offer an a range of services, click on one of the buttons below to find out more:

What is a learning disability?

Learning disability is a term that refers to individuals who find it hard to:
  • learn
  • understand
  • communicate
  • undertake everyday tasks

A learning disability is a lifelong condition. Many people with a learning disability will need support to live as independently as possible.

Learning disability doesn't include specific learning difficulties like dyspraxia or dyslexia. It doesn't include autism either, although lots of people with autism also have a learning disability.

Speak Out with Danielle is a mini video interview series that has been filmed and edited by Danielle Garratt from Speak Out. Danielle has put this together to help us all through these difficult times by looking at how people are coping during Covid-19.

News and Events

Speak Out East Drop-In

Gill Williams, councillor in East Brighton, came to Speak Out East last Thursday. We talked about housing issues.  ...

Funding from the Vegware UK Community Fund

With the support of the Vegware UK Community Fund we are able to supply art materials and refreshments ...

Fulfilling Lives – Information on Child Protection and Care Proceedings

Fulfilling Lives have produces a leaflet and a video for women experiencing the removal of their children into ...

Thumbs Up Scheme

The Thumbs Up scheme aims to improve customer service for people with learning disabilities in Brighton and Hove.

By joining, you could help make a difference to nearly 5000 people with learning disabilities in our city. Join the Thumbs Up Scheme today!

To find out more, contact Liz Holmes: [email protected]



Find out about becoming a Volunteer Advocate with Speak Out.

Volunteer Advocates help people with learning disabilities to express their views, be informed, uphold their rights, make choices, resolve problems and be active citizens in the community.

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