Newsletter March 2022

Speak Out’s Spring newsletter March 2022 Hi, Welcome to our Spring newsletter. I hope you enjoy hearing updates about our work as we continue to open up our face to face services including gathering Covid stories from people with learning disabilities, training Occupational Health students, supporting young people to understand healthy relationships and more. We’re … Read more

Newsletter December 2021

Speak Out Newsletter December 2021 Speak Out’s Winter newsletter ‘Hello all In recent months Speak Out has been focussing our attention on reintroducing more face to face work and linking up with the people with learning disabilities we have lost touch with during the pandemic. Obviously, the news that there is a new covid variant … Read more

Newsletter September 2021

Speak Out Newsletter – September 2021 Speak Out’s Autumn newsletter Welcome to our September newsletter where you will find updates and stories about our work enabling people with learning disabilities to have a voice and speak out about issues that are important. As that the Covid rates in Brighton and Hove continue to come down … Read more

Newsletter June 2021

Speak Out Newsletter – June 2021 Welcome to Speak Out’s Summer newsletter Updated introduction 22nd June 2021 We are all aware of the twists and turns that we have had to make to live with coronavirus over the past 15 months or so. To illustrate this, 2 weeks ago I wrote the introduction for the … Read more

Newsletter March 2021

Speak Out Newsletter – March 2021 Welcome to March’s newsletter where you can hear more about the great work we do supporting local people with learning disabilities. We all know that this winter has been very difficult for many people as coronavirus continues to dominate our lives. As you can see from the newsletter we’ve … Read more

Newsletter December 2020

Speak Out Newsletter – December 2020 A note from Speak Out’s Director – Sarah Pickard Hello and welcome to our December Newsletter As you can see from this newsletter, Speak Out is still busy providing positive and creative support for people with learning disabilities, whether it be in groups, drop-ins or getting support from an … Read more

Newsletter September 2020

Speak Out Newsletter – September 2020 Welcome to Speak Out’s Newsletter. Hello from Speak Out’s staff members A note from Speak Out’s Director – Sarah Pickard Hello. Welcome to our September newsletter. Like the rest of the world, Speak Out has been busy learning how to provide and develop our services online. We have had … Read more

Newsletter June 2020

Speak Out Newsletter – June 2020 Welcome to Speak Out’s Newsletter. We hope you are all well.   A note from Speak Out’s Director – Sarah Pickard ‘In the past 2 months, Speak Out has had to radically change how we work. Before coronavirus, all of our work involved seeing people face to face. We … Read more